Friday, August 16, 2013

Dates 6-10 of 21

the farmers market on saturday morning has turned into THE place to be. i've been going for a few years now, but this saturday was the busiest i've ever seen it. KJB usually lets me tackle it on my own but this time he asked if he could go along, so we made it our 6th date.

yet another on-the-water date for number 7. it was a grossly hot night so a trip out on the pontoon was a nice way to cool off just a bit. the breeze felt good and the water was packed with other boats. the sun was going down so i played a bit with taking silhouette-like photos.

date 8 we celebrated national ice cream day in no better fashion than a trip to baskin robbins. i had my pretty coral lipgloss eaten off in no time, along with a scoop of snickers ice cream. also, i never noticed that the handles to the building were pink spoons!

the state fair was date number 9. we walked around, shared an elephant ear, and caught a free concert... KARMIN! i've been a big fan of this duo way back when they started posting youtube videos. make sure you check them out if you haven't heard them.

now friends, here in date 10 you will just have to excuse my appearance. this date was to Emily's wedding (remember me talking about that here and here and here?) i was a hot mess at the reception because... well, it had been a long day. but during the reception, KJB and i were able to spend some quality time together. we hit the dance floor, which is a big deal if you've ever met my hubby. my dear friend grabbed my phone and snapped these photos of us. these really show how much fun we have together.