Saturday, August 3, 2013

365, 07/22 - 07/28

 this open, clean-looking beach house looks so inviting and cozy for rainy summer days.
 white paired with cream, black, and green. modern colors, in a traditional room can look so lovely.
what a fun way to play up a door in a rental! it's not uncommon to have white doors, but it would be a happy surprise to see them covered in black, vinyl circles.

 white walls like an artists canvas. would you be so daring to use your walls to create art?
i never thought a big white box could look so lovely.
like the white walls above, this room is a canvas with a palette full of colors, prints, patterns, and all sorts of inspiration. white can be so perfect for an artists room.
the first color palette using white plays back to the swinging bed in this post, with earthy, natural colors. these shades are so perfect together.

*all paint colors are Sherwin Williams colors. this is not a sponsored post, i just really love their color selections.