Tuesday, August 6, 2013

how to make: Hanging Word Decor

"gooooooooooood morning fellow crafters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you ready for a fun-filled day of hot-gluing, glittering, painting, and all around creating? well, get excited because today we are going to create magical goodness for your home!"

if i had a crafting talk show, i'm pretty sure that's how i'd want to start each show.... just saying.

but seriously? you know you'd be intrigued by the magical goodness part.

ANYWAY, last week i shared photos of Emily's bachelorette party and you got a sneak peek of today's craft. (haven't seen the pics? go look at them now. it's okay, i'll wait.) her wedding is going to be garden-y, rustic-y, antique-y yumminess, so i wanted to continue with that feel. 

as you may know, my current living quarters are tiny. our dining room, living room, crafting room, office, gym, and library are all in one room. so i knew space was going to be tight for the party and i wanted to keep it feeling open. but i also knew i wanted to have something fun at the food table/bar/gift table (see how multi-use i have to make things?)

insert hanging word art. normally i would make a backdrop, but i didn't want to make the space any smaller. the hanging word art gave the food table/bar/gift table a barrier without creating a barrier... you know?

anyway, how about i just show you the photos and get to it? 

fishing line, lace trim, grapevine wire, fabric flowers, command hook

  obviously you don't have to do that if your lace already has a scalloped edge.

ta-da! a fun decoration to hang over your table. of course, if you have a wall to work with, you wouldn't need to hang it from the ceiling. in that case i would use the command hooks on the wall and place my flowers so that they hid the hooks.

if you were to recreate this, what word would you choose?