Tuesday, August 27, 2013

learning life lessons at JoAnn Fabrics.

Ever have one of those moments that kind of change your life? The kind that make you see things differently and realize you've been wrong you're whole life. I had one of those recently... at JoAnn Fabrics.

Now, one might not expect to have a life-changing experience at a craft store. I certainly didn't when I walked in to pick up some fabric and scrounge around in the dollar bins. My expectations for the trip were pretty average. Go in, weave my way through the aisles, get my things, and leave.

All went according to plan until the lady at the register asked me if I had found everything okay. I said yes and continued to search through my emails on my phone looking for my coupon. As I handed it to her, she smiled and said she was glad. She said she loved when people were pleased with their experience at the store.

Let me remind you, I wasn't at JoAnn Fabrics headquarters where the lead cashier was the CEO. My shopping experience was just at my local store, the one I had been to time and time again. Yet here was an employee taking ownership over her job and store.

I smiled back at her, a little surprised. She continued talking about how much she loved her job there and how it was her dream job.

Hold up. Working as an associate at JoAnn Fabrics is her dream job? And immediately I realized I was placing a judgement on her, i.e. she must not set her standards very high, and I regretted the thought.

For the first time during the interaction, I looked at her and really listened to what she was saying. She was thrilled to be working there. She was smiling and happy and greeting all the customers and joking with her co-workers. She was working her dream job.

And how rude and snobby of me to judge her for loving something. I felt ashamed for thinking those things. Would the Lord ever feel "too good" to love measly ol' me? I certainly don't think so. Isn't my main goal in life to strive to be like my Savior? Loving to all?

Let this serve as a reminder to you as it did to me. Live a loving, full life. Follow whatever path the Lord sets you, and be grateful for all you have. Doing what you love will make you a happy and loving person. And shouldn't we all want to be that?