Friday, August 9, 2013

it's friday & ya know what?

life is made up of magical, fairy tale-like moments. some of those moments are like taking a bite out of a bad apple or pricking your finger on a spindle. but some of them are like fitting into a glass slipper, or meeting seven tiny men who will save your life. okay, maybe those things won't happen.

instead of those though, it could be like finding the perfect quote or song lyric that speaks to your heart.

or fitting into a pair of jeans you never thought you would.

or whipping up the perfect batch of homemade bread.

or the little ones not crying for a toy at Target.

or meeting a new friend.

or, if you're like my friend Emily, it could be finding out you have perfect weather for your wedding day.

whatever it is, let those things outweigh the fire-breathing dragons and the ugly step-sisters. find the lovely in life and hold on to it dearly. it will make those horrible witches easier to handle.

+ + + + +

tomorrow is Emily's wedding day, and as i mentioned, it's going to be a perfect day. last night we splurged on mani's, pedi's, and our favorite local mexican food. tonight we will laugh and play and get ready for a long day. first thing tomorrow morning, i'll host brunch for the ladies and we will calm Emily of her butterflies. we will cry and smile and celebrate. and finally, we will pack up the newlyweds and send them off to their new home in Chicago. that part is a bit bittersweet.

i hope you all have a wonderful, magical weekend. follow me on instagram to see the wedding come to life!