Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{can you dig it} WE CAN DIG IT {can yall dig it}

this color is FIERCE for summer! {please excuse me. just had to channel my inner-Tyra there for a moment.} let me be real for a moment though; i've always been a pink girl. it's like it is my bones or running through my veins. for the most part i can dig any color from Mr. ROY G. BIV and all that is between. however, i've always kind of hated the color red. i think because it reminds me of anger or something but red just kinda makes me shutter. don't ask me to explain it. so it wasn't until recently when i picked up a pretty coral nail varnish that i've discovered i too can love shades of red. now red itself? i'm still dealing with that but a nice pinky-orange shade of red? i can really get into that. here's my roundup of coral things that i'm ready to rock this summer.
1 Technically in a shade of orange but this pillow looks like coral to me. I'd love to see it on a mint or peach bedspread or a white sofa. Trina Turk, $118.

2 Backpacks are making a comeback and a great polka dot is never out of style. This one is in the shade Firecracker and I love how modern it looks. Brahmin, $295.

3 The combination of pockets, buttons, and this bright coral color is making me itch for that super hot weather that always hits during the week of the fair, which is where I'd wear this number. Topshop, $56.

4 Though the image here looks hot pink, this blush is the perfect shade of coral. It's natural and cheerful, not to mention the fact that these blushes smell so nice. Benefit, $28.

5 Perfect for those summer nights that are turning into fall, when there is just a bit of a chill in the air. Nordstrom, $58.

6 For your morning coffee or to collect pencils on your desk, this warm red Pantone Universe mug will brighten up your day. Popdeluxe, $15.

7 There's something ridiculously fun about a shiny, wet lipgloss. This one in candid coral has some pretty gold shimmer to really warm things up. Lord and Taylor, $26.

8 A new rug with a bold print can look like an entire room make over. I also love this for a covered balcony. wayfair, starting at $63.

9 Platform wedge sandals in a pretty melon color?! Gimme! I'd wear these puppies with my pleated black skirt and a simple white short sleeved blouse to the office or out for dinner. Zappos, $160