Friday, May 11, 2012

splendid conversation + wedding pre-cap

I'm out and about today preparing for the big day tomorrow but in the goodness that surrounds me I had to share this word that I found myself using often during wedding planning. Not just to describe the cake either; I kind of wanted our entire wedding experience dulcet to every palette.

Last evening we delivered all of my preciously made decor to the reception and ceremony site where things had been cleared and set up, ready for the pretty to unfold. And my toes are shining with a fresh coat of China Glaze lacquer in a bold shade of pink with gold shimmer.The rest of today will be spent styling and arranging and preparing for the (hopefully) opulent flower delivery tomorrow morning. I'm praying that the flowers will be bloomed and as fetching as I dream them to be.

My next post will be as a Mrs! Until then, lovelies.