Monday, May 21, 2012

wedding details take 1! the bouquet

since i don't want to completely overwhelm you all with wedding details all at the same time, i think i'll post just one a week - maybe two if i'm super excited and can't wait to share. i decided to start out with my bouquet because... well, i was basically in love with it. here we go...

once upon a time i came across the image on the right on the wonderfully amazing wedding chicks site. i didn't think much of it other than i thought it was super pretty. it wasn't at all right for my wedding because the colors were off and it seemed too small and not architectural enough for me. then about two months out, i sat down with my co-worker who was going to help me with the table arrangements. we started listing out the flowers and quantities we wanted using my inspiration board (this post). while writing out the list i realized that a lot of what i wanted was included in that bouquet:  dahlia, astilbe, dusty miller. it also had eucalyptus which i thought was really fun. so i decided to use that bouquet as a building piece to mine. i altered the colors they used to my colors and but otherwise ordered exactly what the recipe called for.

i found out immediately after i placed the order that the eucalyptus wasn't going to happen as my wholesale shop couldn't get it. after thinking it over, i selected willow stem, the twiggy, curly pieces that stuck out of my bouquet. it would provide just the bit of architectural interest i was looking for.

the day of the wedding my co-worker called me from the wholesale shop to let me know that the pink and white astilbe I had ordered wasn't looking so hot. i told her to find something from the refrigerators that looked close. let me introduce you to calcynia:

isn't she a beaut? she is wildflower-y and breezy. she was perfect for my bouquet. the final result was everything i had dreamed my wedding bouquet would be. she was neutral yet fun and structured yet whimsical. it's funny to see the two bouquets side-by-side because they are so different from each other. this is just the first example of how my inspiration board changed over time to become my dream wedding.

[wedding chicks bouquet recipe/my bouquet as photographed by Meredith Rogers/3/4/5/6]