Thursday, May 31, 2012

let's get cozy

maybe it's because i'd like to spend my entire day in bed, but i have this thing for bedding. i see it as an extension to my paper/stationary collection which makes 0 sense but that's pretty much how most things in my life are. right now i'm reallllly wanting this sheet...

but i just can't justify $135 for one flat sheet right now, even if it is handmade (a handmade claim almost always causes me to purchase).

now, i pose you a question my bloggy friends...
and be honest. i don't want my man coming home askin what the heck is on our bed. and while he really probably doesn't care, i don't want our bedroom looking like it's for a girlie girl since it's his room too. it's brown which is more masculine but not sure if the "waffle," which looks like a flower to me, is to feminine. what do you think friends? it's on sale for an amazing price now too (like, 60% or something wild like that) so let me know! you can get one here and then we can be twinsies :)

bedding by castle and virginia johnson.