Thursday, May 3, 2012

happy presents

a happy present is one which is lovingly cared for and gently perfected with pretty paper, curly ribbons, and adorned with tags, stamps, trinkets, etc. a well thought out package is received with bright eyes and a big smile - and sometimes a squeal.

okay, OK. 

maybe not everyone appreciates an embellished package but this girl sure does. think about it lovelies: the first thing a person sees when receiving a gift is how you have cared for it since purchasing. a judgement is made, whether you like it or not, on the gift before it's even opened. hand me a gift in a Target sack and while i'm still grateful, i'm probably gonna wish it had a bow tied around it. i'm not saying i'm picky about gift receiving - NOT AT ALL. i just know when i give a gift i want the receiver to have that look in their eyes that says "oh goody goody goody!" and a Target sack just doesn't scream "I'M AN AWESOME PRESENT AND YOU'RE GONNA LOVE ME AND LOVE COURTNEY FOR GIVING ME TO YOU!"

anyway, i've rambled enough. i've been wrapping bridesmaid gifts this week and started with these images as my inspiration. funny though because they look not a darned thing like these. you'll have to wait til after the wedding to see what they look like though.

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how do you care for your packages? are you a "do it up real nice" type? or a "just toss it in a bag" kinda person?