Wednesday, May 2, 2012

quick fix: shelf liners

shelf liners have always been a bit of a mystery to me as far as their purpose. i tend to be the type of person who likes things that are there for a reason and serve a function and i've just never understood shelf liners. until yesterday.

as you know, KJB and i moved into our first home together yesterday and after lugging everything in (WHY do i have so much crap?!) i got started in the kitchen because kitchen "stuff" makes me happy. i started the scrub down and immediately realized that the maintenance crew had used Old English on the shelves inside our cabinets. now, i'm sure it was to make it look nice + clean but all it did was come off on my rag. i was kind of discussed and outraged. HOW could i put our new dishes and glasses on those shelves?! no way. of course i'm impatient and eager to get things done so i started thinking about shelf liners and how i didn't understand them until now and how that is the perfect solution. but i didn't have shelf paper and i didn't really want to get out in the pouring rain to get some either.

then i started looking around at all the gift bags that hold our wedding shower gifts in the living room waiting to be unpacked. and the gift bags are all so pretty and bright. so i got out my pair of scissors, some spray adhesive and went to work covering the cabinet shelves. they are so fun! they are also plastic coated so easy to just wipe out if they get wet.  so the bags that i was going to pitch into the recycling bin are now at home on the bottom of each of our drawers. i was so proud of myself for thinking of it so quickly that i had to show KJB. he was less enthused but i didn't care.

what do you think of shelf liners? do you have them or think they are a waste?