Tuesday, July 16, 2013

365 07/07 - 07/14

white looks oh, so lovely with creams and gold. i love the way they have used it in this guest bedroom.
 perfect for an evening out paired with sun-kissed skin. the white with nude platforms combination is calling out to me.
 oh how i love thee. white on white on white with tons of light. what could be better?
 another white on white on white? seriously, i can't help myself.
white lace screams vintage chic picnic if you ask me. or overlap these beauties above an open window and let the light shine through casting playful shadows.

white tats are so in right now. they look best on fair skin and i love how detailed they can be without looking muddy.

white nail polish is my go-to in the summer. it's refreshing and makes you look crazy tan. plus it goes with anything.