Thursday, July 11, 2013

365 06/30 - 07/06

one last color palette before we get into the next month!
a gorgeous sunset rug inspired the last color palette. the deep jewel tones straight from nature makes me lust for a summer sunset.*

and now, the color for the month of july...
white, while not a hue but full brightness of all wavelengths of color, is a huge part of design. that's why i couldn't leave it out of this 365 color project. maybe it's a focal point of a design, or maybe it's a backdrop. either way, it's part in every color story, for every project is huge.

if this were the room i woke up in each the morning, the day would be like a dream. shades of whites and creams keep this room clean looking, and the bit of wood on the bed gives you a bit of rustic goodness.

lavendar scented satchets for your linen closet or dresser drawer. the tiny gold diamonds make for the perfect pattern to stand off the white fabric.

a white kitchen gets me every time. i love how it provides a great backdrop in this room for those bold patterned plates on the wall and the bowls on the table.

those black cabinets provide a strong anchor for this kitchen. to contrast, the open white ceiling  keep the room light and actually feeling open.

handmade soaps are one of my favorite things in the world. these gorgeous bars were inspired by seashells and i'm sure the white tea scent is refreshing enough to die for.

*all paint colors are Sherwin Williams colors. this is not a sponsored post, i just really love their color selections.