Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Yup, you read it. We are moving into a house and I'm beyond thrilled. Contrary to the photo, we actually aren't moving into a mansion with an awesome drive and KJB will not be wearing patterned pants. But isn't this photo fabulous?

In the past I've struggled with space in our tiny apartment, and now I'm concerned about furnishing and filling up a house four times the size. #firstworldproblems

The process was long and a bit tiring but I have lots of tips to share with fellow first time buyers. That post will be up later this week. After buying comes moving and an entire moving series will be up next week. I'm basically a pro now.

I'm excited to share our house story but I also want to remember our apartment and the stories created there: like learning to have a bit of patience, learning to take alone time, discovering a passion, opening a shop, and learning to live simply - giving it all the the Lord. We have learned a lot about who were are as married people and how to live together. Our little apartment has been horrible, yet wonderful to live it our first year and a half of marriage.