Friday, October 11, 2013

Dates 16-18 | Our Big Failure

Date 16 we went to a ZZ Top concert. I have the best video of people dancing but for some reason I can't get the clip to process on blogger. It was pretty hysterical though, so use your imagination.

A couple of weekends after the concert we took a long weekend to drive down to Knoxville for a Vols game. KJB has always been a huge fan but we have only been to two other games previously. It was a nice getaway and we will definitely go back every year for a game. We love it there, even though walking anywhere was a constant workout. Sometimes I forget places aren't all flat like Indiana.

One evening KJB had some work to do and needed to pick up some books from the library. I hadn't been the library in ages, so we made it date 18. We browsed and picked out books for each other. Naturally, I was a fan of the big pink one.

 + + +

Well my dear friends... We have failed. Two summers in a row, we have failed at trying to get 21 dates into summer. This time we were only 3 dates off, which is much better than our attempt last year. I held on to this post for quite awhile hoping that we would make it, but now that we are in the second week of October, I just can't make it summer.

For us, the goal of 21 Dates of Summer was to make time for us. To do things that we loved, spend time together, talk about goals, plans, the future, whatever. And we did that. So as much as we didn't make it to 21 dates, I would call our attempt extremely successful. 

Next week I'm going to share some decisions that we made during our dates as well as a big reason as to why we couldn't fit in all 21 dates. So make sure to check back for that exciting news.

Happy Friday, friends!