Friday, October 25, 2013

Moving Day Essentials Kit and Printable

If you are super on top of it like me, come moving day everything will be packed except your bedding and pj's. That's really the best way to feel comfortable about the moving process. But there are a few things you will want to keep out so you can use them that day.

Before you pack up all your clothes, set aside an outfit to wear on moving day for each person in your house. Throw together a bag with toiletries, prescriptions, and makeup - the things you would take on an overnight trip. Set those items aside with your outfit.

Throw together snacks and drinks for moving day, especially if you have little ones. You won't want to have to rummage through the packed boxes for a fruit snack pouch for Johnny.

You will also want to put together a contact sheet with the name and numbers of the people helping you move, your landlord, and utility companies. If you followed this to-do list, you will have already had all your utilities scheduled to be turned on, but just in case they didn't show up you will want to contact them immediately.

All other furniture should have been appropriately disassembled, but sometimes the things you think will fit through that doorway, just won't. Keep some basic tools on hand to fix this problem. If you have to fill in drywall holes, you will want to have some drywall quickset and a putty knife on hand as well. Of course, since your walls have been bare for weeks now, I'm sure you have already patched those holes, right? ;)

The cleaning supplies are pretty self explanatory, but you will want to leave everything clean, especially if you are looking to get a security deposit back!

Download a printable version of the Essentials List here.

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