Friday, May 17, 2013

taking alone time

there is nothing in this world i'd rather do than spend time with my husband. regardless of our plans, the weather, whatever, it doesn't matter too much as long as it's the two of us.


i've come to love my thursday nights alone. KJB plays basketball at church in the evening and i get to do whatever i please. sometimes i make myself dinner and watch old episodes of America's Next Top Model. sometimes i workout the whole time. sometimes i go shopping. sometimes i drive around and look at houses i'd like to buy.

the best part is that there is never a schedule. it's just me, doing whatever i want to do in that moment. i don't make myself clean the apartment, although it always needs it. i don't make myself write blog posts, even if i need to.

it's my time. i do whatever i feel like doing. and i'm so grateful for this time. life is busy and the fact that i get about 2.5 hours of me time a week is amazing. so i am soaking it in.

to the women out there: whether your a stay-at-home mom or a 40+ hour work week career woman, try to take some time to do whatever you want to do. ask the hubby to watch the kids, call in a favor to a friend, kick everyone out of the house, or adventure out on your own. everyone needs a little down time to do whatever we want.

it is good for the soul.