Monday, October 21, 2013

weekly truth

Galatians 6:9

+ + +

Let us not become weary, let us not become weary, let us not become weary. Repeating that to myself a lot this morning. On top of buying a house and moving (and finding a subleaser- please pray for us that this happens soon!), I'm also working on new branding for our church. While I love that I can help my church in this way, the devil eats at me a lot. Feeling unqualified, not creative enough, not original enough... Constantly pushing those thoughts away makes me feel tired.

Another new thing? Because all that wasn't enough, KJB and I have felt led to start a "20-somethings" ministry at our church. For a long time we have felt a void in our church of people our age, but recently there have been lots of new people and we want them to have community. So we are starting a Sunday school class, a bible study/small group and will lead missions and fellowship for all young adults. It's our prayer that this class keeps these amazing new people in our church and gives them a sense of belonging. 

For all you creatives out there - our young adult group needs a name. Can you help us? 

With all that, we are praying through this Galatians verse. To continue following God's direction for us here, that the work we do for the Lord is good and pleasing to Him. What verse have you connected with lately?

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