Monday, May 20, 2013

fabric flowers and why it's time to talk about them

sorry, had a little gangnam style moment there. phew, glad that's out of my system.

those pretty women were my bridesmaids. don't they look darling in their pink and black and white? with their hair and makeup done up real fancy? they thank you for the compliments. as good as they look, i'm not talking about them today, i'm gonna talk about flower bouquets. because their bouquets started something in me that i can't shake.

when i started wedding planning i knew i had to have fabric flowers. so i made them for my girls and the groomsmen and had a blast. our wedding was full of pastel colors so i didn't hesitate to make the flowers out of any color under the sun.

it was definitely a learning experience and since then, i've become addicted. for awhile i considered putting my flowers on headbands, but for some reason i just didn't get the joy out of making a headband the way i did a bouquet or a boutonniere. maybe because there's something magical about wedding days.

for the past month i made flowers for a bride whose wedding was saturday. she had collected old brooches and pieces of jewelry she wanted in her bouquet and they looked stunning on her white and cream flowers.

this is her bouquet while i was forming the shape. it's kind of like a piece of art, which i guess makes me more of an artist than i thought.

i've never really shared much on the blog about these flowers, but i think it's time that i start, because they make me happy. and because i realized i want to pursue this avenue a little more.

i have time to dedicate to one more fabric bouquet this year in addition to the orders i already have, so if you've fallen for these beauties like i have, contact me, because i'd love to make your fabric bouquet dream come true. email me at courtney{at}splendidactually{dot}com.