Thursday, October 24, 2013

Printable Packing Labels for Moving

It is time. The dreading packing day has arrived and if you're like me you've probably procrastinated more than you should. Or maybe you're one of those over-achieving types. Gag me. Just kidding. Kinda.

To make your packing adventure more fun, I've created a packing label for you. The label lists some pretty basic rooms but if you need more, feel free to add them or alter the room names once you print.

A few packing tips:

-List everything in the box, which I know sounds tedious but you will be so glad you know exactly where important things are like your coffee table books medicine cabinet or kitchen utensils.

-Try not to pack too many heavy items like books and small appliances in a box. Be kind to your back.

-Wrap a trash bag around sections of clothing right on the hanger. Just cut a hole for the hangers, lump your dress pants (or blouses, or jackets, etc.) together and hang the trash bag over them. Throw on a label and you're good to go. Here's an image I found on pinterest if you need to visualize what I'm saying.

-Store kitchen items inside your larger bowls or pots that do not nest easily.

Once you get your boxes to the new house, go around and tape coordinating dots to each room.

Right click and save these circles if you like. Then you can print them, cut them apart, and tape them up!

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