Tuesday, July 9, 2013

remembering summers

pulling my goggles over my eyes, i quietly listen for the sound of the pennies ker-plunking into the water and i try to judge how far away from me they are. my dad counts to three and my siblings and i all spin around. i duck under and take a look across the bottom of the pool trying to spot the closest one. kicking off the side, i glide through the water and stretch my arm out to pick one up. above me my brother is splashing wildly to try to distract me.

we rush around the pool, picking up pennies and calling out the count to my dad until he says we have them all. clutching my pile i swim back to the side and we all lay them out to see who has won. the sun is shining bright and i can smell the hamburgers cooking on the grill. soon we will have to get out and, with beach towels wrapped around us we will go through the line to fill up a plate of food. 

water drips off my ponytail as i pad to the garage to drop off my trash and grab push-up popsicles for everyone from the deep freezer. i rip one open with my teeth and sit on the side of the pool dangling my feet in the water. 

it's an average summer day.

what memory do you link to summer?