Friday, June 21, 2013

wishin & hopin & plannin & dreamin

with handy links and everything!

today is the day i turn 27. i'm feeling fine about this, in case you were wondering. 27 seems old, 28 seems old, 29 seems really old, but 30 doesn't. so actually, i wouldn't mind skipping right to that part. 

with this new age i have a list of wishes, along with those up there ^. but i've decided not to share them here, although i'd originally planned to. the year of 27 for me is going to be a bit more personal and i'm going to think long and hard before i share everything with the world.

so instead of sharing wishes, i've decided to make 27 goals for this next year of life.

1. learn how to save money so i can buy something big. (something big is not yet determined and does not have to be purchased in 27th year.)
2. serve more.
3. give more compliments.
4. travel somewhere new.
5. taste a food i really don't want to try.
6. read more.
7. experience more.
8. "watch" less.
9. set a fitness goal and work on it.
10. learn to be an efficient cook.
11. learn to be an efficient cleaner.
12. spend more time with my sister.
13. spend more time with my brother.
14. spend more time praying.
15. spend more time doing what i love.
16. be less jealous.
17. feel less obligated.
18. master time-management. (ha!)
19. find some go-to, never fail me products.
20. set monthly goals that help me succeed at this list.
21. be more intentional.
22. be less afraid.
23. learn how to use one new tool/instrument.
24. learn one new technique.
25. cherish more moments.
26. touch a fish.
27. love harder.

are you a list-maker/goal-setter like i am? what's something you hope to achieve in the next year? any advice on how to achieve any of these goals? (especially number 26.)

xoxo, Courtney