Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dates 1-5 of 21

date 1 was a movie date to see The Great Gatsby, which we both loved. KJB however, doesn't like when i play paparazzi ;)

a breakfast treat was date 2. steak and cheese for him, hazelnut cream cheese for me.

date 3 was while on holiday. we decided to go out on the "maid of the mist" tour, which took us right next to Niagara Falls. they gave us these lovely ponchos but we still managed to get drenched.

we must have a thing for boats these days, because date 4 was also a trip out on the water. this time it was out into the Boston Harbor, where we had a great view of the city, the USS Constitution, and drank up a delicious summer ale.

we got to watch another couple tie the knot at date 5. a dear friend of mine that i used to work with married her best friend in a lovely, formal affair.