Tuesday, July 30, 2013


a few weekends ago some of the women in my family got together to share out favorite things with each other, via a party! it was a really fun way to give each other gifts just because and try out some new things.

how it works:
-first, set a spending limit. i decided we should select our favorite thing that is $5 and we would buy four of them. so we would be spending $20 total.
-spread the word. it's important to explain that they are buying four of the exact same thing.
-buy your gifts and wrap them individually. that way everyone can open at the same time and the surprise isn't spoiled for everyone else.
-write out the names of each person four times and put them in a bowl. for extra fun, i actually did photos instead of names. i selected photos of us from years ago, so it was fun to see the former versions of ourselves.
-we opened a bottle of wine, passed the bowl around, and drew out the photos. to make sure the last person doesn't have their own photo, we drew all four selections first. that way if there was a mistake we could redraw.
-we went around the circle and each person handed out their gifts to the people that drew their name. they shared why what they brought was their favorite.

another way you could do it is to buy for each person that was coming. but just in case someone couldn't make it last minute, it was easier for us to set a number of gifts to buy.

nannie brought thin, velvet hangers and her favorite candle // LOVE those hangers
aunt rhonda brought a CUTE black makeup bag // that i think i'm actually gonna use for a clutch
aunt missie brought a bottle of crown royal // such a partier :)
my mom brought frozen pouches of peach daiquiri and her favorite candle // a partier like her sister
my sister amber brought revlon nail polish in a gorgeous silver metallic shade
my cousin callie brought purse mirrors // in one of my favorite quotes!
i brought elf blush and bronzer compact and an elf makeup brush // i've gone through about 7 of these compacts

personally, i ended up scoring the gifts from nannie, aunt rhonda, my mama, and my sister. it was so much fun and you learn a little bit about the person by what they choose for their favorite. we had so much fun that we decided to try to make it a monthly tradition. each person would take a turn hosting and setting the spending limit or theme. for example, you might do a summer favorite and set a $20 limit. then they could bring their favorite flip flops, sunscreen, beach bag - whatever. the opportunities are limitless!

have you ever hosted a favorite things party? what theme would you choose?