Sunday, June 23, 2013

365, 6/16 - 6/22

the combination of gray, violet, and aqua has been popular for a few years now, but in  this room it still manages to look trendy. the teal chandelier adds a bit of unexpected eye candy as well.

this lilac is perfection in this room. it completes the rustic feel along side the table and vintage prints on the wall.

shades of dusty lavendar with bits of orange-toned red, chartruse, and denim makes this bedroom perfectly eclectic. graphic mats in the frames and the old clock on the nightstand adds even more personality.

plum overload in this hotel room, but it actually works. the mix of patterns and fabrics makes the rooms flow together. the pale blue-green on the ceiling contrast perfectly.

for a day of shopping or going to the pool. romper / earrings / bag / polish / shoes
possibly because it's my birthday as i do this post, i had to go for a sparkly headand. it has a purple cast to it but is actually made up of pink, blue, yellow, and silver gitters. when the light hits it the headband comes of a pretty magenta color. get you one here on the bando site.

i love the color combination of this phone case. since my phone is basically permanetly attached to my hand, i like fun phone cases. the two shades of purple with the powder blue and gold is fun and perfect for summer.