Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Ipsy goodies

at the end of May i decided to sign up for ipsy, a monthly subscription of beauty products. the company was founded by Michelle Phan, a well-known YouTube beauty guru. (something you may not know about me is that i'm a bit addicted to beauty videos on YouTube.) several of the guru's i'm subscribed to had raved about the products and i wanted in on the action.

my bag arrived the second week of june.

my eyes landed on this product first and i was thrilled. NYX is one of my favorite brands. this pretty, cooled toned pink is great for a natural look. cream blush was foreign to me but i've been using this pretty much every day since i got it. i'm pretty sure this is a full size product, not a sample size, and it retails for $6.

another full sized product, this bright peachy pink lip liner. it slides on silky smooth and feels extra creamy.  i don't have a lipstick that goes with this shade, but i've been wearing it filled in on my lips with a bit of gloss. love the color. this retails for $12, which alone is worth the $10 i spent on the entire monthly bag.

this chella highlighter isn't full sized but it is a really good sample size. this color and finish has been perfect to go just under my eyebrow and on the cupids bow just above my lip. and it blends really nicely. a full size retails for $18.

by far my favorite product from the bag is the cailyn linefix gel liner. it's a gorgeous gray color that i've grown to prefer over black liner. it lasts all day and takes some serious eye makeup remover to take off. the convenient brush handle makes me love it even more. i've worn this every day since i got it. it retails for a whopping $21 which is a lot for this size, but we will see how long it lasts me.

the dud in this bag was this glitter mess. the colors are lovely, but these are straight glitter. there is no cream to it and i was able to wipe it off fairly easily - well, as easily as you can wipe off glitter. i thought about keeping it around for Halloween makeup or a craft project, but the glitter isn't dense enough to look pretty. if you're still interested, it retails for $4.49.

are you subscribed to any beauty bags? let me know if i'm missing out on a good one!