Friday, June 7, 2013

hello my name is _ _ _ _

hello my name is _ _ _ _


my name was all those things. until i met my husband and he brought me back to church. i was already a Christian but i didn't have a church home and i didn't really know what it was like to feel God working in me.

we started going to his church and we went every sunday. then we got engaged, then married, and we kept going to church. i felt stronger in my faith and loved by the Lord and my new church family, but still felt reserved and unsure about the new hat i was wearing.

then i found the influence network. (well, first i found Jessi from Naptime Diaries, then i found the influence conference, then the network.) and i learned that i should be doing something with this relationship i've been absorbing.

slowly, God helped me to share pieces of my story on my blog. he helped me step up in church when they needed volunteers. he pushed me outside of my introverted box to share pieces of my heart with the world.

and i grew in my faith. learning to lean on Him more and more, i am astounded by His love for us and His mercy.

my Savior swept me off my feet and made my heart feel full.

brought back, as from error, to the right course. 
tamed and reformed so that i'm ready to serve Him. 

have you been reclaimed by the Lord?

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