Saturday, June 8, 2013

365 02-08


watercolors speak to my feminine, girly side. the violet color used in this painting is perfect for a paris skyline because it radiates romance. get you one here.


ok, i totally get we are in june here, and winter-wear is far from our minds, but i just have to say i love this faux fur coat. winter is full of gray, taupe, beige, etc. and to see a peek of a color would be a bit refreshing. paired with a bright hat and sunnies (winter snow is bright, yo!) this is a look i would love for winter.


this color palette here is one that's way outside my comfort zone. there are so many levels here though, that it all works. the bold purple and pink geometric print, the organic stripe with kelly green and periwinkle and pink, the blurred pastel shades of blue, green, and pink. the bit of purple with teal that throws me back to the 90's (just a bit). it's crazy. it's bold. it's colorful.
i want it on a rug. badly. it's way outside my comfort zone and i want it.


four pretty purple and white pillows for you from etsy. these could be added to any room for a pop of pattern. which one do you like most? 1 2 3 4


would you dare to wear purple on your pucker-er? try 1 2 or 3


as much as i love purple, i'd probably never go this bold with this hue. and while i say that, i'm also loving this. the clean walls and floors, the wood and metal chairs, touch of green on the table, this purple is rocking this kitchen right now. hubby hates the color purple so i'd never do this to him, but secretly, i want to.


out with dear emily and the other bridesmaids with our eyes peeled for lavender maids dresses. emily has decided on lavender and mint for her wedding colors and i think the colors will just look lovely together. which of these dresses do you like? personally, i'm a fan of 1 and 4. 1 2 3 4 5 6