Monday, June 24, 2013


because every 27 year old should eat smiley face potatoes. lets not take life too seriously folks.

my birthday was wonderful. thank you to everyone who tweeted and text me birthday wishes. i got to enjoy the sunshine on my lunch break. KJB made me a huge breakfast of butterscotch pancakes that i couldn't eat half of. he gave me a pretty bouquet of pink roses and a stunning necklace that i've been pining over for more than a year. unfortunately the clasp off while trying to put it on so a new one is coming from the jeweler. it will debut soon :).

friday night a few friends surprised me by showing up at our favorite bar, where we ended up sitting for hours. i didn't take one photo... too busy enjoying the moment.

all day saturday was spent getting ready for and attending my cousins graduation open house. the weather got a bit crazy so we all crowded inside their garage but still had a blast. my brother and sister were there and since the three of us are rarely ever in the same place at the same time, i dragged them over to take a photo.

how was your weekend, friends?

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