Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gumball Machine Makeover

I've been wanting to make over this gumball machine of KJB's since we moved in together. So I gave her a little facelift!

First take the machine apart and rough up the metal with the sand paper. I wasn't sure which brush would work best but it ended up that they performed basically the same. Three coats of the white paint was needed to cover the red, then I let it dry for 2 hours. I didn't paint any of the interior because I don't want paint chipping off on to the gumballs. So it stays red. 

I sprayed a quick thin coat of the polyurethane as an adhesive for the glitter, covered her in glitter and let that dry for 15 minutes. Then I did a final coat of the poly.

Instead of using gumballs, I filled the globe with left over wedding favors, which were flower seeds. Obvs you can't use the machine to dispense the packs but they look cute inside.

What color would you choose for a gumball machine?