Friday, March 29, 2013

we be singin

last night my mother-in-law called me and i could tell by the tone of her voice she was going to ask me to do something i wasn't going to be comfortable with.

"can you sing with us in the praise band on sunday?"

"sunday? as in a few days? as in, EASTER SUNDAY?!" i ask. 'the day we have 5138 visitors,' i think.

yup, that's the sunday she was referring to.

y'all, except for the tunes i belt out in my car, i haven't sang since graduating high school nine years ago. honestly, i'm not sure i even know how to sing properly anymore. plus, back then the lights in the auditorium would be out and stage lights would shine in our faces = can't see the audience. i'll be able to see the congregation just as easily as they can see me.


so please, friends, pray for this introvert as i prepare my heart to worship in front of 10564 people on sunday. ok, like 300 but still.

also, i wanted to share that I have been completely and totally wrecked this week - in the best way possible. the SheReadsTruth Holy Week devotional? guys, it's good stuff. those beautiful ladies broke it down perfectly, pointed things out to me, and shared a bit of their heart. if you're wanting to spend more time in the Lord's word, i highly recommend you check out their devotionals. you can go to the site each day or you can download the plan right on your YouVersion Bible app on your phone. you won't regret it, really.