Tuesday, March 19, 2013

six piece remix

when i came across this challenge monday night, i knew i had to jump on board. danielle from framed frosting started the six piece remix, where you select 6 items of clothing in your closet and figure out a new way to wear them.

what's funny is that some of these items are super common/trendy right now. my problem is that they really don't fit my style and i can't make them look right on me. here are my six pieces.

1\ this pretty floral print dress is lovely and perfect for church or a business meeting. the problem? it's pretty sheer and i'm too lazy to find a slip to wear under it. i've worn it once.

2\ you probably are wondering why a chambray shirt is in this line up. it's because i can't make this shirt look right. i've tried to wear it a few times and it just looks funny. i'm determined to make this shirt work before the trend is completely over.

3\ a pink lace skirt. i wore it a few times last christmas (as in 2011) with black tights, heels, and a blouse. other than that it's just hung out in my closet wanting to be worn again. now that the lace trend is in this spring, hopefully i can find a way to wear it.

4\ a sheer floral print open blouse/wrap/thing. honestly i don't know what it is. it's like a blouse but doesn't have buttons or anything. i've worn it once with leggings on a weekend but it would be great if i could figure out another way to style it.

5\ the (now infamous) jcrew heart sweater. i'm convinced it looks dumb on me. but since i paid outrageously for it, i have to wear it.

6\ sorry for the dark photo, this black dress just didn't want to pose today. this is a black sundress with a full skirt. i've worn it several times just plain but i'd love to try to layer with it. 

my first outfit is tomorrow. wish me luck!

 find the link up here.