Friday, March 1, 2013

so, you want to be my bestie

things you need to know if we are gonna be BFFs. (inspired by Notably Neurotic.)

-If we are going out to dinner I'm more than likely going to order some kind of salad with chicken or some kind of pasta with chicken. 

-My day job is as a commercial interior designer. This does not mean I'm a stylist or a decorator. So my home doesn't look like one of those fancy-pants places you see in magazines and blogs.

-I get distracted very easily, so don't be surprised if I suddenly change topic. Also, please don't mistake that for me not paying attention or not caring. It's just that random things remind me of other things that I fear I will forget if I don't mention it immediately. 

-My favorite shows are Duck Dynasty, Pretty Little Liars, and The Lying Game. I need you to watch all those so we can talk about them. 

-When I was in middle school I was obsessed with NSYNC. We are talking wallpaper-my-room-with-J14-posters-learn-every-song-with-choreography-memorize-the-biography kind of obsessed. 

-Holidays are my favorite. No, not just one, all of them. So expect there to be a party/dinner/gift. 

-If you find yourself needing an ice cream cone or milkshake at ANY time, I'm the type of friend that will be there to indulge with you. I'm just that kind of girl. 

-Don't go shopping with me unless you want me to encourage you to buy something you're drooling over. I may be an enabler. 

-One day I dream of building a home. So quite a bit of my free time is taken up by doodling my dream home floor plans. You should try it sometime too.