Thursday, March 28, 2013

finding my career, part 2

this post is part of a link up called Little Life Lessons. visit Lindsey to see the rest of the bloggers sharing their stories. read part 1 of finding my career here.

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once i got the job at the design firm, i had a feeling i would be there for a very long time. possibly my entire career. the people i worked for were awesome, my co-workers became my best friends (they helped me make my wedding dream a reality!), and the clients i was able to work with were like dreams. for three years i loved my job, loved going in to work everyday, and felt so blessed that God had put me here. 

a few months before my 4 year anniversary with the company, God started stirring my heart.through lots of prayer and conversations with KJB, i started looking for another job.

an opportunity was offered within a week. it was for a construction firm and i would be doing a lot of construction management and estimating. much less design work than i would have hoped. i had done some managing and estimating on a small scale at the design firm and really enjoyed it. communication was the key to success at a job like this and the thought of that made me nervous and giddy at the same time. talking to people hasn't always been easy for this introvert.

God pushed me, "you can do good here. you will learn so many good things. imagine what you could build for me." a play on words. He can be so funny sometimes. so i took the plunge. i've been with this company for 5 months and have learned so much.

but guys, it hasn't been an easy transition. a lot of people were hurt by my move and that really bothers me. some days i'd like to ask Abraham, "how did you deal when you were following God's will and people didn't like it?" i suppose i know what he would say, that pleasing God is all that matters.

when i consider some friendships i have lost, it hurts my heart. but i'm comforted in knowing i'm where God wants me.