Sunday, December 16, 2012

spread joy handmade swap

that was a squeal ^
first, i never post on sunday so you can just thank Miss Ernestine Edna for this one. second, i LOVE bloggers. seriously, they are just the nicest people in the world. so when i saw this handmade gift exchange, i knew i wanted to spread some love to a fellow blogger out there.
now i get to share the gift that i received from the awesome WIFEY SINGER! i was so excited to see her name on the return line because i knew there was a good chance i was gonna be getting something from her adorable shop.

[i know it's been almost 7 months, but i still love seeing my new name ^_^]

boy it's like she knows me! accessories + coffee = my BFF. WifeySinger, thank you for my wonderful gifts! [p.s. did you make this darling pouch?!]


  1. hey, courtney! super glad you like your gift;)
    you were fun to shop for.
    in my dreams, i could maybe make a cute pouch like that...but that's from honeycrush on etsy lol
    you are too sweet, merry christmas! xo

    1. oh, good to know! i want to purchase a few. merry christmas! xo


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