Monday, December 17, 2012


friday's tragic event left me looking at life a little different, as i'm sure it did many people. however, it has not affected everyone, and that was made evident by an experience i had on sunday.

the jewelry store at the mall was steadily busy and a woman with three kids walked in. in a snappy manner, she said "i'm just looking". the two young boys about 9 and 7 sat down and the older girl, around 12, followed her mom around the counter. the youngest of the boys peered into the gemstone case and said, "mommy? what is your birthstone?"
"yellow," she snapped.
"what color is mine?" he asked.
"you know what color it is! it's the same as mine," she answered grumbling.
"oh. okay," he smile deflating.
the girl leaned over the glass and started to point something out when the mom yelled - and i mean yelled - "DON'T TOUCH THAT GLASS" to the girl.
i glanced at the girl and immediately felt sorry for her. her face turned a shade of scarlet and she took a step back and put her hands in her pocket.
the mom stopped at a mirror on top of the diamond case and fluffed her hair. "just some advice," she said, "don't ever, ever return jewelry that a guy gives you. no matter how mad you are when you break up! get off those chairs boys, you'll probably break them." and she rushed out of the store, her kids trailing at her heels.

everyone has bad days. everyone expresses emotions differently. and i try to not judge people and the way they raise their kids because i know that raising kids is a difficult job. but the way this mom treated her kids made me sad. and especially after friday, i would think all parents would be extra loving to their little ones. and it made me mad. part of me wanted so badly to say, "are you for real lady? your kids are people too, and you are hurting their feelings and embarrassing them. would you want someone to talk to you the way you just talked to them?" but i just kept to myself and couldn't help but wonder how she would feel about her actions and words if something were to happen to them.

and now i ask you, my dear friend, how do you feel about your actions? are you satisfied with the way you have treated each person you love? or could you offer up an apology, a smile, or a hug to make things better?

i think we all could love a little stronger.