Friday, December 28, 2012

my 365 project

for the past few years i've followed some amazing 365 projects and i've always wanted to do my own. i'm going to share some links below to some of my favorites.

as a designer, i'm "supposed" to know about color and i'm gonna be honest: I DON'T. i know what looks good together but actually making color palettes and knowing why colors work for certain spaces....


yeah. so, starting January 1st, i'm going to kick off 

365 days of COLOR!

the 365 project is going to be shared on my blog, but will not replace my normal posts. i will still be sharing inspiring spaces, favorite products, fun finds, and lifestyle posts like usual. but to continue growing as a designer, i think it's important for me to try to tackle something i'm not great at. to follow the project, check out the label in the right side bar and follow the hashtag #365colors on twitter. i will also share a link on Facebook weekly.

now, for a few of my favorite projects...

 Lisa Congdon's Handlettering