Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 recap

sitting at work friday, i looked over to check the date on my cute owl calendar. the year is almost over and i can hardly believe it. we have dubbed 2012 as the year of change. this post is mostly for myself, so that i can remember all of the wonderful things that happened this year. from new years day to new years eve... here is my summary of the year of 2012.

  • wonderful friends helped us ring in 2012
  • we mailed out save the dates for our wedding
  • indy put on a great lead up to the superbowl that including concerts by bret michaels, here come the mummies, dj pauly d, and lmfao
  • i wedding-crafted my heart out
  • yoplait yogurt apple turnover came into my life and i ate it for nearly every meal
  • the gym became my friend; my three day a week workout became a five day a week workout
  • i fell in love with Lisa Congdon's 365 days of hand lettering
  • i misspelled february 29 times

  • my girlfriends and i spent an evening pretending we were cowgirls at a rodeo
  • that wooden ladder came into my life
  • i designed a 30' long board room table
  • this song played on repeat

  • some lovely ladies threw a bachelorette party and bridal shower for me
  • i bought A LOT of things for our new apartment and our upcoming wedding
  • i successfully made my nephew a bow tie, and i sure did pat myself on the back
  • after years and years of waiting "for the perfect moment" i decided it was time to show obedience and be baptized... then i wondered why, oh why i waited so long
  • after a six year relationship, my honey and i tied the knot and moved into an apartment together
  • we had leftover flowers for days
  • i started the long process of changing my name and getting used to words like "husband", "wife", and the most strange "mrs. bell"
  • the hubster and i treated ourselves to a cruise to celebrate our marriage
  • i turned 26 and immediately felt old. to anyone older than me, sorry, but i do
  • we started to settle into a routine together and enjoyed each others company in a new way
  • sweet tea and sunshine ruled my world
  • the pool and i got to know each other
  • i tried to make our little apartment feel more like home
  • my hair got "ombred" at the salon. this was a big deal for a hair color virgin like me
  • i made pickles. this was also a big deal for me
  • my sister and i threw a dino-riffic second birthday party for my adorable nephew
  • i still tried to make our apartment feel more like home
  • pretty little liars became an obsession
  • the song pop game became an obsession
  • we traveled to kentucky for a family reunion and enjoyed the pretty outdoors
  • i instagrammed a lot of food
  • #shereadstruth became a part of my daily life and that makes me happy
  • KJB started a new job adventure
  • after four years, i resigned from my job and accepted a position at a construction firm. this was scary and exciting (it still is!)
  • along with my dear friend Monica, i got outside of my comfort zone and went to a conference that changed my walk with God
  • i met some amazing women + discovered a little bit more of who i want to be
  • i started listening to my heart more and realized that life doesn't have to be perfect
  • the splendid actually shop opened for online business
  • i continued to build a home in our little apartment
  • inspiration came to me from new places and i felt a new confidence in my work
  • duck dynasty became my new favorite show
  • #30daysofthanksgiving reminded me to be thankful for even the smallest things in life
  • pinterest and i rekindled our friendship + i started bringing more and more pinterest ideas to life
  • #20acts and #26acts ruled my twitter and instagram feed as i felt a strong desire to help others after the horrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary
  • the ombre in my hair went away and some red came in. this was a big deal for me
  • kjb & i celebrated our first holiday season as a married couple
  • we made goals (not resolutions!) for our life together in 2013
To anyone reading this, thank you for your support of my blog over the years. 2013 is sure to bring more goodness as my shop expands, and I start working with some amazing people.
Happy New Year, my friend! Have a safe and fun celebration.
xo, courtney