Monday, December 3, 2012

gift wrap DIY | personalized packages

you know those people that can take the simpliest idea and turn it into something awesome? Mackenzie is one of those people, and i knew when i came up with the idea to do a wrapping paper series, she would have one of those no-brainer, brilliant designs. and her project didn't fail.

time: 10 minutes                              cost: $9, and that gets you a mega huge role of craft paper

step 1: measure out your kraft paper to your box. fold the paper over the top edges and crease to make the name placement easier. 

step 2: lay the paper out flat and write out the receiver's name. go over the word a few times to make sure the paint is opaque and bold. then let it dry a few minutes.

step 3: wrap the package. it's as easy as that! a bold, personalized look that is creative yet simple.

try the look out in different colors. i like the metallic sheen on the green paint myself. another spin on this design is to write song lyrics, a phrase, or a verse.

mackenzie's inspiration came from this image here. i kind of love the idea of the black and white option for a super modern look.

if you were to try this out, how would you personalize it? colors? different words?