Monday, December 10, 2012

gift wrap DIY | fit to be tied

as we near the big day (15 days!), my dear friend Megan has a wrapping paper DIY you're gonna love. she was inspired by this idea and this idea, i'm loving the outcome.

time: 5 minutes                                      cost: $9, includes tons of kraft paper + twine but 8 doilies

step a: wrap up your box real purdy. layout the doily on the corner of the box and crease the edges. fold the extra "triangle" underneath the back corner to keep the edge looking nice.

step b: if you want your letter perfect like Megan did, print out your letter (Times New Roman looks really nice and clean), slide it under the doily and trace it. then fill it in. it's a requirement that you stay inside the lines. if you want.

step c: tie the twine around the box. i love how Megan wrapped it multiple times both directions.

this look is so classic and pretty. that pop of red against the white and brown IS christmas if you ask me. the best part of working with Megan? i asked her what she called her creation and she shot back this list:

"brown paper wrapped up in string"
"a string for your thoughts"
"doily a day"
"fit to be tied" - obviously my favorite since i choose it
"megan's awesomely easy prezzy gift wrapping"

isn't she just awesome?