Tuesday, October 9, 2012

what do i do with dark red pants?!

ever buy something and then realize you have no idea why you bought it or what you will wear with it? yeah, i did that yesterday. i bought these kind of amazing slacks.

then i had that moment i mentioned up there ^. that what-was-i-thinking-i'm-not-a-fashionista-type-person. they are wide leg, marroonish/burgandyish pant that feel like heaven on.

so i took to the internet to pull together some inspiration and came up with four outfits and i'm feelin a lot more confident about my bloodstone pant purchase. the color pairs beautifully with neutrals but also plum and navy. since these are pants i would mostly wear to work, these outfits are all work appropriate - for the type of office i'm in anyway.

outfit 1: top / belt / earrings
outfit 2: top / bracelets
outfit 3: top / bracelet / earrings
outfit 4: top / scarf / ring
shoes, bag