Tuesday, October 16, 2012


one of the reasons i'm passionate about interior design is because i love to make people feel at home and comfortable. it sounds silly, but imagine yourself in a space that is the complete opposite of your home. maybe your home is cozy, like a cottage, and you love how you have the things you love close to you. transplant yourself into a super modern space and there's a good chance you're going to close up like a clam. same goes for those that love "white space" and open areas with clean lines; you're probably going to feel claustrophobic in a cottage.

now, my favorite past time is curling up with a book. a little like an escape, and a lot like emergence, i adore those reads that take you to a new place.

and so i ask you today my fellow book worms, where do you feel comfortable when you read? do you like to curl up in a chair, relax in a tub...

or to you like to lounge outdoors, breathing in the fresh air?

personally, i could read just about anywhere ;)

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