Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

a link up by Michaela Noelle Designs that I couldn't help but join today. jump over to her blog to see her loves and dislikes for today.

she loves me...

1. subtle yet pretty reminders
2. my pretty glass watter bottle
3. the owl family on my calendar
3. silver and rose gold bangle bracelets
4. creating color palettes for a new client
she loves me not...
1. iphone photos, like those up there ^
2. a computer without photoshop, like i'm working on today :/
3. missing camera cords
what are you loving and disliking on this pretty day?


  1. The owls are so cute! I just did a trend report on owls for class today :) So fitting! That water bottle is great, too. Ugh, a computer without photoshop is no fun! I can't imagine life without photoshop. Thanks for linking up, friend!

    1. that IS perfect! I adore owls. And yes, must get photoshop on my new computer asap! xo

  2. That owl calendar is so cute, I want one, and I should buy my best friend one, she is obsessed with owls!

    1. hi beth! i actually found that calendar online as a printable. i wrote about it here:


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