Thursday, October 18, 2012

love for fashionABLE

me either. that was until i learned of fashionABLE last weekend at the conference. their work: when a scarf is purchased, they are able to provide opportunites for a woman in Africa who had never been given a choice in their life. they pull women off the streets and teach them, counsel them, and love them. then the women create these beautiful handmade scarfs. it's a wonderful circle.

each time i heard Barrett (the founder of Mocha Club + fashionABLE) speak at Influence i had another reason to go back to the market to buy a few more scarves. the most amazing part? the accompanying tag with words from the scarf maker on why this purchase is important to her. if that's not a tear jerker, i don't know what is.

check out their website to see the different styles, learn more about the incredible women, and learn how you can help them.