Monday, October 15, 2012


if i were to try to explain this weekend, my thoughts would all spill out at once. i know because i've already tried to explain what i went through this weekend. and that's exactly how it all came out.

maybe at some point i'll try to write it all out, but i just don't think i'm talented enough with words. so instead i'll link a couple of posts that i've read so far that seem to hit the nail on the head for me.

& melody joy 1983 who is doing a link up on recaps

after such a powerful weekend, i'm just going to get through this day. lately, i've been talking about changes a lot and it's time to let you all in on some of the changes that's happening. first, i took a huge leap of faith and accepted a new job that i start next week. and while i'm super pumped to get started and i feel confident that this is where God wants me, it's also incredibly bittersweet to leave an office that i've called home for four years. to celebrate my new adventure, my loving co-worker made me a party cake. and, it's the first he ever made! can you believe it?!

along with this new job, i'm also able to leave my part-time gig... TO OPEN MY OWN ONLINE SHOP. i'm so excited for this opportunity and the timing has worked out beautifully- GOD IS GOOD. the shop will be up and going by the end of the week.