Friday, October 12, 2012

get yo act together! 4 simple organizing ideas

alright, folks. one thing you should know about me is that organization makes my heart flutter. seriously. it's just pure happiness. when things are put where they should be, it fo real makes life easier.

so for today, 4 inspiring organizational ideas that i recently discovered and am loving.

since i don't want to make my husby sound like the bad guy, i'll say "BOTH OF US" (ahem, it's really all the husband's fault but you didn't hear it from me) never put things back where they belong in the fridge. i really like to keep things in a certain order to make for smoother cooking in our itty bitty kitchen but darnit if it never stays that way. moral of the story = this container solution is pretty smart.
i don't have a lot of drawers right now (we have 5). but some day, i'm gonna have drawers deep enough and strong enough to hold our dishes. and this peg + board idea will keep them where they belong.
since i can't nail into our walls, i can't hang my polish on the big board that i have. so i've resorted to storing them in totes. one thing i do need to do is add a little polish chip to the top like they did here,  so i can easily see what i'm looking for.
as i've mentioned a ca-trillion times, i'm at the Influence Conference this week/end. and you can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there may be sun, but i'll also be taking the time to add the cards to a key chain. then i'll add a little label so that i can remember that everyone of the people on this key ring, i met at the conference. because i already know, they will be kept in a special place in my heart.

what are your favorite ways to organize? please leave me a comment below and let me know, because like i said, organizing is life's true happiness. (kinda.)