Monday, September 24, 2012

a little ramble

comforted, relaxed, motivated, and prepared. that's how i like to start my Monday morning. ready to tackle the day but calmed from a weekend of relaxation.

unfortunately, that's not how my Monday started. a weekend of installs, an early wake up call today, several trips back-and-forth across town, a quick install, and a check up on a hectic jobsite. that's how my Monday started. and now that it's noon, i'm finally settling in at my desk with a cup of coffee to go through emails.

on a more exciting note, my dear friend Monica, who is also my Influence Conference roomie, text me this morning about how ready she is for the conference. it was a nice reminder of the excitement to come in the next couple weeks. a lot of the other attendees have been blogging about being nervous and shy when meeting people and how they hope they are able to really open up to others. i'm a little anxious about this too, because i tend to be quiet around anyone i don't know. but mostly, i'm ready to be around a group of awesome, awesome ladies who inspire me more and more as i get to know their blogs.

have you met Monica? she's done some guest posts for me in the past which can be found here & here.