Monday, September 10, 2012

decor 2 {wedding details}

unless you've been living under a rock, you know that photobooths at wedding are a MUST-HAVE. photographers and venues are adding them to their services so no one is left out. it's a great way for the bride and groom to document who was there and it gives guests something fun to do if they aren't the dancing queen that i am... oh sorry, did i say that?

my super-awesome-can't-be-topped photographer {meredith} offered us a photobooth package at a great price, but unfortunately it would have put me over my budget. we decided it was still something we wanted to do so, like many of our wedding projects, we went the DIY route. i had a pretty decent camera anyway and i didn't need it to be fancy. my sister's bff has been hanging around our family since they were little tykes so I asked her to be my photobooth "operator".

for props i contemplating purchasing sets like these from etsy. but when i came across this post on Oh Happy Day! i knew it would be perfect.

next was the background, which i completely adored. it was super easy to make and i actually made it months in advance, wrapped it in trashbags, and stored it under my bed. {pat on the back for being on the ball}

now you may think i'm nut-so for the coffee cup lids but one of our themes was food and this was one way i incorporated it. i just painted the lids and covered the center in glitter and hot-glued them to a piece of yarn. the book pages were cut with the 2" punch then strung together to make the garland. to direct people to center themselves on the background, i used some cut logs to define the area.

i'm so pleased with the way our photos for the photobooth came out. i ended up putting all the photos in a shutterfly album. this DIY version saved us gobs and we still have a cool way to see everyone that came to our celebration.

{top photos via our photobooth, all others from meredith rogers}