Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3D wallflower DIY

since wedding planning and crafting ended back in May, i've been itching to do some new crafting. creating really playful backdrops especially. the DIY i'm gonna share today is really one of the most dramatic things i've seen. so get ready.... because it's bouts ta get crazy up in herr...

ok. maybe not really crazy. but i am kinda crazy in love with this backdrop idea.

cut your cardboard into a circle the size of your choice. this circle sets the size for the entire piece. my circle was about 8" in diameter and my flower came out to about 36". (to make these much smaller you would want to have a smaller circle but also cut down the construction paper.)

start rolling the construction paper into cones and tape down the ends. i used construction paper because it's inexpensive and has color on both sides. you could always use scrapbook paper with a pattern for a bold look. don't be afraid to vary the sizes of the cones because just like a real flower, no two petals are alike. once you have a mountain of cones, start hot gluing them to the edge of the cardboard circle.

start building up the flower buy layering the cones and hot gluing closer to the center. working your way out, the flower will naturally start to form a dome shape.

once you are satisfied with how full the flower is, you are done. add command strips to the back and adhere it to the wall. you can decide how you want your backdrop to look- if you want multiple flowers in one color but varied sizes, or all the same but a few different colors, or a mix of both.

if you were to recreate this look, how would you do it? what colors would you use?