Friday, November 5, 2010

Guest Blogger: Monica Huntsman on Small Home Storage

Feel like you have no room for extra storage? Or the clutter has gotten out of control? Check out these photos and tips to utilize some of those areas that we tend to forget about.

"behind closed doors": Yeah, open bookcases are great, but sometimes a clean line is what the room needs. Maximize the interior of your storage cabinet by having a single or double door to access the entire inside space. Not only will you be able to see everything at once, but you will be able to store multiple sizes, easily. Also, turn unused corners and awkward spaces into built-in storage.
images via flickr

"not just to sit on": You may sit, lay or lounge on them, but that's not all they are good for. Utilize your ottoman to store remotes, blankets, magazines or even your movies. And who said you can only have one? Use 2,3 even 4 of them to maximize your space. Not only will you be able to store your goodies in there, you have just added more seating for your next gathering.

images via BallardDesigns.

"952... can that be right?!": Hopefully that's not the number of shoes you have, but here's an idea to store a few of those. Closets can become a nightmare when it comes to hiding all your footwear. Raise that bed of yours a few inches and roll those shoes into a cozy spot. Storing shoes under the bed is not only a great way to reduce the pile in the closet, but also a great way to keep them clean, together and easier to see.

images via flickr

"book that table": Have a lot of great hardback books, but are running out of places to put them? Utilize them as an end table. You can stack them up and have a great peice of art as well as a visual reminder to finish that book you started 3 different times. Arrange them by color, theme or size.

images via flickr

"a tiskit a taskit, something about a basket": Never under estimate the power of a basket. Open or with a top, you can place these in bokcases, tops of cabinets, in unused corners or as seating along the wall. There is a basket out there to fit just about every mood and space.
images via flickr

a special thanks to Monica Huntsman for her guest post today!